Water Restored in Uganda

On behalf of Rotary Gulu, Tim and the 5950 team and myself, thank you! The Clear Rounds for Clean Water contribution has gone towards an extraordinary project in a devastated land and is bringing a future to the thousands that lost their childhoods, as well as their communities destroyed. The three boys in the photo, now young men, are being treated at the World Vision Children of War Center. These boys were kidnapped at about age 12, taught to kill (some were forced to kill their own parents). They have shrapnel wounds, bullet wounds and unimaginable horror, atrocities and living conditions since they were captured. They arrived in rags, unhealthy, physiologically maimed for life but were in good spirits to have clothes, food, security and love. They will be placed back into the community after counseling, vocational training and relatives are found. Our project focuses on getting these camp populations back to their communities that were wiped out. The first step is getting their water supply restored or new wells drilled so parents can take their families ‘home’ after some 20 years in many cases. You have to see it to comprehend. Thank you again for your efforts!

Kim Lorenz
World Vision | Rotary Liaison