Tim Murphy in Uganda

Tim Murphy Uganda Water ProjectApril 20, 2010
Re: Hello from Uganda
Hi Jo Jo, I am in Kampala and have just returned from a week in Gulu. Our project launch was last month and I was fortunate to also be in Gulu for that – seven weeks of March and April in East Africa. I had a week at home with a 5 year old Kenyan boy I took back for eye surgery. I returned him to his mother in the Mathare Valley slum outside Kenya on my return this trip. Not much time for my life back home…all for great causes though! Thanks for you and Clear Rounds for Clean Water’s part in all this – long day and I will send an update and pics later.

Tim Murphy
District 5950 GSE Team Leader to East Africa
District 5950 International Project Chair
Past President Rotary Club of Edina, Minnesota

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