Sandra Brown Character Name Winner

Last September at the Texas Sport Horse Cup we auctioned the privilege of using the highest bidders name in the next thriller off the presses from New York Times and International Best Selling author Sandra Brown. Following is the email I just received from the winning bidder.

“Wow! I can hardly believe it’s already 2011! I am so incredibly excited that this fall the brand new Sandra Brown book will be coming out and my name will be used as one of the characters! What an opportunity- all thanks to the fantastic silent auction benefiting CRforCW at the Texas Rose Horse Park last September! It really was a great item – I got to correspond with Sandra about the whole thing and she even asked me my preference on which character my name should be for. Too cool! You better believe that everyone will be getting this book for Christmas! And CRforCW, may I suggest you do this again with other authors? This auction item was simply the best and worth every penny to your worthy cause! ”
Victoria Shirah,
Baltimore, Maryland.

I will post when the title and the release date of Sandra Brown’s new book is available. Please suggest other authors that would be of interest. All I can do is approach them and see if they are at all willing to offer a character name. All recommendations would be very, very welcome; especially children’s authors.

Jo Jo White

3 comments to Sandra Brown Character Name Winner

  • jojo

    Who is Victoria’s character? What were her choices?

  • Honestly, I was so excited to be talking with Sandra and her people that I have simply forgotten the character choices.
    But I’m looking forward to reading the book to be reminded!

  • Mike Smith

    I predict she’s either a champion Grand Prix rider in a dangerous relationship with an Olympic equestrian judge, or a pole dancer. Whatever, she’ll be famous.

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