Official Water Project Launch

Uganda Water HoleApril 25, 2010
Re: Hello from Uganda

Dear Jo Jo, I am still in Uganda but leading our districts GSE Team. I took our GSE team to Northern Uganda and we spent seven days there hosted by our project host Rotary Club, Gulu Rotary. Wow, talk about a cultural experience. Each of us stayed with a Rotarian in Gulu Uganda. Not quite the living circumstances we are accustomed to in the US!

My trip in March was to attend the official Project Launch at a Primary school in the Amuru District of Northern Uganda. Or team from District 5950 actually participated in the restoration and rehabilitation of the bore hole where the Thank You Rotary banner is being held. We also watched the local village residents build a temporary home for a new teacher. It was quite an experience to see what our project will accomplish. This is just the beginning…..

I am also attaching a project launch pamphlet that Gulu Rotary had made up …I wish they would have included Clear Rounds for Clean Water. I have now made them aware that your organization is a major contributor to the Rotary dollars. This project is the buzz of Uganda. We have been in Kampala for two or our three weeks here doing presentation to Rotary Clubs…..They are all aware of our huge project and collaboration with World Vision and are very appreciative of CRforCW and Rotary’s involvement.

Please pass on our sincere appreciation for the huge contribution your organization made to make this project possible. Gerald, Anthony, Grace and numerous others will be forwarding various project pictures as they are underway and completed over the next 8 months. This is just the beginning…..

Thank you again,

Tim Murphy
District 5950 GSE Team Leader to East Africa
District 5950 International Project Chair
Past President Rotary Club of Edina, Minnesota

2 comments to Official Water Project Launch

  • Charles

    It’s so great to see how our organization is helping others around the world.

  • Inge Holmgaard

    Hello Tim Murphy; Happy to find you on this site and see, that somebody are making an effort for cleanwater! I was actually seeking for an organisation, who might be able to help me, digging up a waterpump (or a funpump) for a very dry area in Amboseli in Kenya? Meshanani is the exact area, very hard place with no good water and no electricity. The clean water is found, 54 meters down, but they havn´t got the pump and they havn´t got the money :( and some german payed for the digging for water. May be you have some good advice for me, where to go? Keep up with your good work!

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