It’s the People, not the Program!

Sometimes you meet the most incredible people, just when you need to!  A week ago Saturday in a Container Store I met a young woman named Jennifer who is leaving this Wednesday for Africa.  She and her husband are donating some of their life together to implement water projects and educate villagers teaching sanitation procedures.  They are also spending time in several orphanages.  They are part of a volunteer group from the Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas, headed to Yei Sudan, Kenya and Uganda.  Talking with Jennifer you cannot help but be caught up in her tremendous enthusiasm and dedication towards helping other.  There is a global water crisis, it is huge and immediate.  If you are a follower of CRforCW than you know this to be true and we, in a very small way, are trying to help.  Every so often the world seems too big, the terrible living conditions of 1/6 of the population too overwhelming, the crisis just too critical for individual efforts to effect any change at all.  Then you happen to meet a Jennifer and you know you can make a difference, even if it’s just one person at a time.  However, I have been fortunate enough to meet lots of Jennifers, and there are lots of organizations like CRforCW, so every time I get bogged down by the bureaucracy of the “never ending programs”, I remember the people.  It’s the people, not the program.  The people who have heartbreaking needs, and the people who continually sacrifice of themselves to help – thanks Jennifer.

Jo Jo White