When I was at the World Water Summit in New Orleans last week I was privileged to meet and listen to Greg Allgood who is the Director of Proctor & Gamble’s Children’s Safe Drinking Water program. Charles McKeever asked me last week, “what can one person do?” This is a great opportunity for “one person” to really help! Look for the Proctor & Gamble coupons in this Sunday’s June 5, 2011 paper where you will find a special edition of the P&G GIVE HEALTH brandSAVER coupon booklet distributed in newspapers across the country, with discounts for P&G products. For each brandSAVER coupon redeemed from this booklet, one day of clean drinking water will be donated to people in developing countries through CSDW. Since 2004, CSDW has provided more than three billion liters of clean drinking water by distributing PUR packets – an innovation created by P&G and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control that use some of the same ingredients as municipal water systems to remove pollutants from contaminated water. The P&G uncapped donation ($0.02 per coupon redeemed) will be based on the number of coupons redeemed beginning June 5. Newspapers carrying the special edition of the GIVE HEALTH brandSAVER can be found here.
“By redeeming P&G brandSAVER coupons, consumers have helped P & G provide more than 42 million days of clean drinking water to people in need since 2008 – and that number continues to rise as we further our efforts to provide clean, drinkable water across the globe,” said Dr. Greg Allgood.

Nearly one billion people across the globe lack access to safe drinking water, and waterborne diseases remain a leading cause of illness and death in the developing world. Every day, more than 4,000 children die from illness and disease related to unsafe drinking water alone. The P&G GIVE HEALTH program and the P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program (CSDW) are fighting to combat these statistics through innovative efforts, such as coupon redemption and shareable digital tools, to help provide clean drinking water to children in need.