CR for CW and Living Water International partnered to bring clean water to villages in India

Hello Jo Jo,

You are an amazing women and we deeply appreciate your special partnership to bring clean water to the village in India. I doubt if you have ever heard of this village. Therefore, let me tell you a bit about it:

The village is/has:
- Approximately 500 people in the village
- Relied on water from a shallow, hand-dug hole about two kilometers from the city. Water from this hole was polluted and the water ran out in the dry season. When the water ran out, the women walked farther to another old, hand-dug well.

Living Water-India drilled a good, deep water well. The well depth is 66 meters, over 200 feet. This is deep enough to avoid the polluted, ‘latrine water zone’ near the surface. The well is also deep enough to keep providing water well even after the shallow wells dry up. Living Water-India worked closely with the village. We set up a village water committee and trained them how to maintain the new water well. They also provided hygiene training to the community.

We deeply appreciate your wonderful, on-going support and partnership to bring clean water to the rural poor. We are glad that your project worked out so well (pun intended). I know that you wanted some pictures for your upcoming party. With that in mind, I have included pictures from your report. All of the pictures are from the well you sponsored. In addition, I am including a copy of the report for the well rehab project CRCW funded earlier.

Thank you for your very special partnership for this water well.

John Nadolski
Director, SW Region
Living Water International