Christmas Card and Newsletter 2010

During this Christmas season I would like to thank all those who have supported and encouraged the long-term goals and vision of Clear Rounds for Clean Water. I am very thankful for your interest and support. Since its inception as a 501(c)(3) corporation in July of 2009, Clear Rounds for Clean Water (CRforCW) has been able to make significant financial contributions to several water projects. By joining forces with major worldwide non-government organizations CRforCW capitalizes on matching grants, proven sustainability of water and sanitation projects and accountability directly from personnel and volunteers in the field or on site. We are in Northern Uganda with Rotary International and World Vision; Trujillo, Colon, Honduras with Hands to Honduras and the Rotary Club of Port Isabel, Texas; and Southern India with Living Water International.

Rotary District 5950, Rotary International, Gulu Rotary and World Vision in four districts in Northern Uganda. Since the project launch on March 19, 2010 at the Paicho Primary School where the first completed bore hole was dedicated, we are thrilled to report that to date we have successfully drilled or rehabilitated an additional 44 wells throughout the project area. This progress is not only ahead of schedule but considerably under budget.

Rotary Club of Port Isabel, Texas, and Hands to Honduras in Trujillo, Colon, Honduras. This project is developing a clean water supply for 6,000 residents of Barrio San Martin; building a dam, laying new pipeline from the dam to a new 42,000 gallon tank, a slow sand water filtration tank, a clean water tank with chlorinator and a back up well to insure consistent moisture for the filter system and maintain water pressure in the distribution pipeline.

Living Water International in India
CRforCW funded the rehabilitation of a water well hand pump in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh in Southern India.

As we move into a new year of some economic uncertainty financial support of charities is done with great discernment and scrutiny. CRforCW pledges to continue its efforts to help alleviate the world water crisis, to research viable water and sanitation projects that are realistically sustainable and to finance such projects that are supported by committed indigenous persons and unwavering volunteers. Clear Rounds for Clean Water has in the past and will in the future make every penny of your donated dollar stretch to its maximum value. Please remember the terrible circumstances of more than 884 million people (roughly 1 in 8) that suffers from a lack of clean safe water. We welcome your continued support as we expand our efforts, seek donations and sponsorships.

Thank you again and Merry Christmas,

Jo Jo White

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