Clear Rounds for Clean Water is changing direction! Since our beginning in 2009, we have been fortunate enough to work with a different water project each year somewhere in the world. We have supplied funding to Rotary, Rotary International, World Vision, Hands to Honduras, Living Water International and Engineers Without Borders, just to name a few! We have seen the successful completion of projects that have found, distributed, cleaned or stored water for indigenous people of 5 different countries. Now we have become CRforCW and we’re focusing our efforts towards our own country, primarily the First Nations; our own Native American population, through organizations like Warrior’s Circle and similar grass roots nonprofit corporations.

Warrior’s Circle is an organization based out of South Dakota that has a ministry for all Native Americans, with leadership and healing offered by other Native Americans. Led by a Dakota (Sioux), Joe Donnell has been working in ministry with the First Nations people for the last 9 years, personally combating and addressing the astounding rates of suicide, disease, poverty, alcoholism, domestic violence and infant mortality that our American Natives suffer. Warrior’s Circle has created an effective plan based upon years of varied experience and recognized needs:

  • A resident discipleship/leadership training center
  • A working model for ministry, reproducible for all reservations
  • High-impact media platform the provides insight into Warrior’s Circle and their ministry
  • Host leadership/discipleship gatherings for Native American youth

The goal is to develop innovative Native American leaders deeply rooted in Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit to make lasting impact and create healing in their own communities. You can partner with CRforCW and Warrior’s Circle in three distinct areas of great need:

Prayer. We believe that the only way this ministry can continue and flourish is through prayer. We would greatly appreciate any help in building a prayer movement for Native Americans, Warrior’s Circle and CRforCW.

Networking. The unity of many people working together will produce great transformation for and in the First Nations of America. Please get the word out about this ministry and link us with people interested in attending the programs offered by Warrior’s Circle or partners who would like to help move forward and join the battle to save generations of Native Americans.

Financial Support. Consistent financial support is vital to the sustainability of this ministry and CRforCW is strongly committed to helping with all our resources. Our Board of Directors is comprised of leaders in their own financial and business communities and Warrior’s Circle Board of Directors includes a regional bank president and a CPA. We ensure total transparency and financial integrity.

For more information on CRforCW’s upcoming projects, to get involved, or to arrange a speaking engagement, contact JoJo.White@CRforCW.org or visit our new site: CRforCW.org