Community Service Grants

Clear Rounds for Clean Water has been the fortunate recipient of several Community Service Grants, not only from my own Rotary Club, eClub One, but from other clubs that are familiar with the work that CRforCW has accomplished all over the world. I founded Clear Rounds for Clean Water in 2008 and its sole objective is to fund clean, safe water projects, and we have done this as being the charity or nonprofit corporation at different horse shows and equestrian events.

Community Service Grants have been invaluable in our fund raising process and I can think of several good examples. One such example is the video interview with Dr. Jeremy Penner about his current work on Remba Island, Kenya. The production of this interview and the subsequent clips that went on YouTube and Facebook cost money – money that a Community Service Grant supplied to me. One of the key tenants of the platform upon which I founded Clear Rounds for Clean Water is very simple – not one dollar donated from an individual, family or business will be spent on anything but water – the means to acquire it, to clean it or to store it! This means that all the avenues of communicating and explaining the tremendous needs of billions of men, women and children are paid for by funds that are specifically requested for only this function. As the founder and executive director of CRforCW it is imperative to me that the donor who so generously contributes a very hard earned dollar knows beyond question where 100% of that dollar is going! The pictures, videos, emails and timely reports revolving around all of our water projects are edited, updated, uploaded and posted on our website, partially through funding from Community Service Grants.

Last year, 2012, through our efforts at horse shows, fund raising with our logo and signature products and exposure through social media, CRforCW was able to contribute $10,000 to a water system project on Remba Island, Kenya spear headed by Dr. Jeremy Penner. This was the subject of that video interview paid for by a Community Service Grant. I believe that the impact of being able to listen to Jeremy personally talk about Remba Island, the viewer knowing that this individual wears a pair of “boots that are on the ground” with this water project, was invaluable in helping us express the needs of this community and getting people involved.

Another quick example of the incredible “bang for the buck” that can be the direct result of a CSG comes to mind from a recent Rotary luncheon meeting. Last month I had the privilege of visiting the Pacific Grove, California Rotary Club on two consecutive Tuesdays. I was given a couple of minutes with that first Tuesday introduction to give a plug for Clear Rounds for Clean Water and for eClub One. On the following Tuesday, again at this wonderful club, I had several Rotarians who had visited the CRforCW website and asked me how they could help! Another member had done a make-up through eClub One and seen a video from our website that documented the International Grant that CRforCW received from the Richardson, Texas Rotary. Lots of exposure, lots of great feedback and offers to join our efforts, lots of talking points and starting places for lots of people to become aware and educated about the most crucial issue of our time – water! Thank you and thank you again to eClub One and other clubs for those wonderful Community Service Grants.

Jo Jo White
eClub One

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